Carboy Cleaning

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[edit] Introduction

The carboy should be cleaned occasionally in order to insure good quality water. Follow this procedure when cleaning a carboy:

[edit] Instructions

  1. Rinse the carboy 3 times with your normal BOD water.
  2. Add about 100 mL of 50:50 sulfuric acid to the empty carboy.
  3. Swirl the 50:50 sulfuric acid around the closed carboy allowing the acid to contact all surfaces.
  4. Empty the sulfuric acid solution through the water delivery system (spikot or tubes) into a clean 250 mL beaker.
  5. Repeat this rinse with the same sulfuric acid solution as collected in the beaker 2 more times.
  6. Discard the sulfuric acid solution.
  7. Rinse the carboy 3 additional times with your normal BOD water.
  8. Empty the carboy through its water delivery system each time.
  9. Fill to overflowing with your normal BOD water.
  10. Drain the carboy until completely empty.
  11. Fill the carboy with your normal BOD water.
  12. Store the carboy at 20 degrees in the dark for at least 3 days prior to use.
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