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Hach LBOD Probe
Hach LBOD Probe

Hach Company has just released a great new product that will make BOD measurement a whole lot easier. LDO technology has always been a great way to measure BOD but it really wasn't designed for BOD measurement. Now it is, here is a picture of the new probe.

This probe eliminates difficulties with membranes, electrolytes, and electrodes. In addition this probe has excellent accuracy and precision (when calibrated daily). The Hach LBOD is truly next generation technology, and will help to further simplify the BOD test.

Use of the probe also enables the use of Pipette Free GGA. This is exactly as it sounds. All you have to do is break the ampule and drop it in the BOD bottle with the seed and dilution water. You don't have to prepare the GGA yourself and you don't have to pour the GGA into a beaker to pipette it. As an added advantage you never have to worry about whether or not you added your GGA to the bottle. The ampule can remain in the bottle until the end of the test if you are using the Hach LBOD. This can be used with a polarographic probe but it is necessary to pour the contents into the bottle instead of just dropping it in, otherwise the membrane may rip.

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