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Reverse Osmosis or RO water is commonly used in laboratories for the BOD test. It does not present any particular challenges. As with all laboratory water systems, examine reservoirs for growth of any kind. Clean the reservoirs on a regular schedule. If the RO water system seems to be the culprit

[edit] Recommendations

  • If there is a reservoir for the water system, inspect the reservoir for signs of microbiological growth. If there is any evidence of micobe growth clean the reservoir. Even if there is no sign of growth consider cleaning the reservoir.
  • Check your water by analyzing it for Total Organic Carbon (TOC). If the TOC exceeds 200 ug/L then replace the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Obtain water from another laboratory or a retail store (steam distilled is best) and use that water for blanks. If the blank problem goes away then the problem was probably the water.
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