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I have requested a BOD calculator in the past, so I am just formalizing that request now. I think it would be nice for a user to plug in their data, and have our webstite calculate their BOD, as well as graph it for them. That could be followed by links to explain how to interpret results for troubleshooting reasons. Polyseed offers BOD calculators from their website, found on left side menu at

One reason this would be helpful is we could use it in Tech Support to double check customer's calculations and quickly graph their results when they call in.

Russ Gorham TSR

[edit] BOD Calculator

I have run across instances when customer have different units in their instruments, so I have to convert these before I use this calculator. For example, a customer has a SensION 156, the pressure reads in inches mercury and the temperature reads in degrees F. I have to convert the inches mercury to mBar and degrees F to C.

  • Can we change the calculator so that people enter their pressure and temperature, then select the units? This would help in instances such as mine.


Crystal Halverson

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