Water Saturated Air Procedure

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The water saturated air procedure is the most effective, and simplest way to calibrate a clark cell or an LDO probe. What follows is a simple procedure to ensure accurate calibration of both of these types of probes.

[edit] Instructions

  • Fill a BOD bottle approximately one quarter full of water and place it in a 20 degree incubator overnight
  • The next morning, place either a Clark Cell or an LDO probe into the bottle for calibrating.
  • Allow 5 minutes for thermal equilibration, use the built in calibration routine in most commercial meters to calibrate the probe.

It is actually best to calibrate in the incubator for Clark cells. LDO is better characterized for differences in temperature so placing the bottle in the incubator is unnecessary. LDO can be calibrated on the bench with any temperature water.

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